Title: Margot
Author: Jillian Cantor
Obtained via: free ARC from author/publisher

I wasn’t expecting to like the book as much as I did. Don’t get me wrong – I thought it sounded interesting and I knew I’d like it. I just didn’t know how much. I went in without much knowledge of Anne Frank’s life. Of course, I knew the basics, the hiding, the annex, the camps. But I’d never read her diary, never seen the movie. It didn’t matter. I was attached to Margot, to Margie, by page two. She jumped off the page as a fully developed, living, breathing character.

Spoilers after the break

Her struggles at work, hiding her Jewishness while working for Jewish lawyers, felt real, as did her constant efforts to convince herself that burning the Shabbat candle was purely routine and not at all religious. I could feel her longing for Peter and her desire to be closer to Joshua. I breathed a sigh of relief when we found out that P. Pelt was not in fact Peter, married to an American woman, but Petra Pelt, a divorcee trying to raise a child on her own. But then I was crushed when Margie (and I) realized that meant Peter was most likely dead. I was on edge, just as Margie was, when Bryda came into the office and made her thinly veiled accusations that Margie might not be who she says she is. And I almost cried from happiness and relief for Margot when she finally decided to reveal her true self to Joshua – and he accepted her as she was. 

Margot is an exceptionally well-written piece of historical fiction.

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