The Spirit Keeper :: K.B. Laugheed

Title: The Spirit Keeper
Author: K.B. Laugheed
Read: 10/29/13-11/21/13
Obtained via: free ARC from publisher
Stars: 4/5

Katie is a miserable, poor Irish immigrant living with her abusive parents in 1700s Pennsylvania. Syawa is a Native American seer, somewhat of a god, who has a vision of her and makes an incredibly long trek with his companion Hector to find her. Katie’s life is turned upside down when she is taken captive (along with some family members) by these two unknown men. What seems to be a horrible situation quickly rectifies itself when Katie finds that she enjoys their company and is being treated much better than she ever was by her family. Soon, Katie, Syawa, and Hector split off from the rest of her family to journey back to Syawa’s home.

I have to admit, I struggled through the first part of the book. I was battling a boring plot with no real direction, and I just could not get used to the 1700s English. When I finally got sucked into the story, I couldn’t put the book down. I was sneaking pages constantly!

I do have a few qualms with the book, nothing major, but still things that stood out for me. For one, I thought Katie’s change from thinking of her captors as savages to thinking of them romantically came a bit too quickly. Second, she seemed to be able to express herself in their language of gestures almost overnight, and their spoken language within weeks. Of course, it took longer for her to become fluent, but it still seemed very quick. Finally, I got fed up with Katie and her love interest going back and forth explaining why they weren’t good enough for each other. Just be together or don’t, stop arguing about it!

All in all, it was an enjoyable book once I got past the rocky start. I laughed out loud, got a little teary, and was just generally entertained. Final rating of 3.5/5 (for the questionable beginning), rounded up to 4/5 (for the awesome rest).

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