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Full disclosure: I received a free copy of The Naughty Corner from Berkley Trade in exchange for an honest review.

Lola Cook is single and NOT looking for a relationship. She’s a technical writer trying to get a cell phone manual out to print by the end of the summer, and the fact that her sister just dumped her nephews on her so she can tour Europe over the summer has not helped with the deadline. The little terrors, William and Harry (named after the princes, of course), misbehave constantly. To get them out of the house so she can actually accomplish some work, Lola enrolls them in a football camp run by Gray Barnett. As expected, the twins don’t act any differently at football camp. Gray Barnett is about to kick them out of the camp when he decides to strike a deal with Lola – they can continue on in the camp as long as Lola takes their punishments for them. Lola can refuse the deal if she wants to, walk away at any time, but… she doesn’t want to. Something about Gray lures her in, and soon their little game is about more than just punishment.

As I said before, I typically do not read erotica. One of the reasons for that is that I like at least some semblance of a plot, and that’s where a lot of erotica falls short. Most of it these days seems to follow the same formula of innocent young woman who needs to be shown the ways of the world by a possessive older billionaire. Not my kind of thing. The Naughty Corner, however, is different. Rather than a book full of steamy sex tied together with a few scenes outside of the bedroom, this book mostly consists of scenes of Lola with her nephews, Lola at work, Lola with her best friend, Lola worrying about a stalker, the twins with their new friend Arby, Gray with his son, Gray with his ex-wife, Gray at work, et cetera, and is just accentuated with sexytimes.

Additionally, Jasmine Haynes made me care about the characters. I was concerned about Lola and her stalker problems. I, too, was suspicious of the twins and their sudden angelic behavior. I wanted Gray to admit to Lola that he was starting to have feelings for her. I wanted to talk some sense into Gray’s ex-wife. I wanted to know who Arby was.

Overall, The Naughty Corner was a very quick, very engaging read. Although it’s not my usual type of book, I could barely put it down! Given the chance, I would definitely read more by Jasmine Haynes.


[see my original review here]

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