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Full disclosure: I received a free copy of Marie Antoinette’s Head from the author in exchange for an honest review.

First of all, Marie Antoinette’s Head isn’t really about hair.

Second of all, I’m pretty sure Will Bashor just taught me more about the French Revolution in 200-some pages than I learned in all the history classes I’ve ever taken.

Marie Antoinette’s Head stands in stark contrast to most history books. When I think of books on the French Revolution, I think of those huge dusty books from the back room of the library that I had to read in eleventh grade English class to write research papers. I remember falling asleep after every couple pages because they were written so dryly and so impersonally that I couldn’t bring myself to care about whatever king or queen I was writing about that month.

In Marie Antoinette’s Head, Will Bashor not only managed to keep my attention, but he made me forget that I was learning! The book reads more like well-written historical fiction than non-fiction. The characters jumped off the page and came to life. And although I knew what the end result had to be, I felt so connected to Marie Antoinette and Léonard that my heart was pounding and I was devouring the book, hoping that she’d somehow find a way out of the mess she’d gotten herself into. I hoped that Léonard would finally get what he deserved, what he’d been promised… though I knew he wouldn’t.

If you’re at all interested in history, in Marie Antoinette and the French Revolution, or, yes, even hair… read this book.

Final rating: ★★★★☆

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