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Cat is down on her luck.  She’s been fired again, creating another entry on her resume in the string of odd jobs that she calls her life.  It’s just what she needs, too – she’s already barely scraping together the money to pay for her mother’s expensive nursing home.  If only Flynn hadn’t come into the coffee shop and egged her on.

Flynn can’t believe that his mother likes Cat better than she likes her own son.  But it’s true – after her stroke, she’s the only person his mother will speak to.  It’s too bad that Cat got her to speak by sharing erotic vampire novels with her.  "Spank me harder" wasn’t exactly what Flynn was hoping for, in terms of progress.  So when he sees Cat in the coffee shop, he can’t help but give her a piece of his mind.  He never imagined that Cat would get fired for giving it right back to him.

Luckily, Cat’s friend Landon swoops in with an interesting job offer – he’ll take care of her completely, paying her good money, along with good benefits – if she becomes the general manager of his phone sex business.  What, what?  PHONE SEX BUSINESS?  (So that’s where he gets all of his money from…)  Cat accepts.  What else is she going to do?

Flynn lives in the same building as Landon, so he and Cat can’t avoid each other.  They’ll have to get over their problems eventually.

All in all, Talk This Way is a pretty cute novella. It was too short for me to really connect with the characters, but it was a nice distraction. I probably won’t read the rest of the books in the series, but reading it was an hour well-spent.

Final rating: ★★★☆☆