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Maybe Someday is a quick read that, as I was reading, I thought that I liked more than I actually did. Now, a little under a week after finishing it, I realize that I was actually very frustrated by the characters and plotline. I’m a little confused, because as much as I hated what was happening, I actually liked the book.

It’s impossible to review this book without delving into spoilers, so proceed with caution: [view spoilers]

There’s a lot that I don’t understand here. The plot is 12000% frustrating, but somehow I still liked this book. I could not stand the way these characters were acting, but somehow I still liked them. I don’t understand how Colleen Hoover writes like this. How can she write these things that I should hate, and I end up liking them? I’m still confused about how I feel – so many mixed emotions. I’m simultaneously infuriated and amazed by this book.

Final rating: 3.5/5 stars