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When I first started The Dreaming Void, I wondered how any author, regardless of the level of skill or amount of talent, could possibly pull off a story like this.

There was so much going on – so many characters, so many plots – that I could barely keep it all straight in my mind. I couldn’t remember who Aaron was, or who Troblum was, what relevance there was to Justine and the Burnellis, how any of these characters could possibly be connected. My poor brain was swamped.

I didn’t believe that anybody could make this work, but I pressed on. (Mostly because I have an ARC of The Abyss Beyond Dreams sitting on my coffee table waiting for me, but still. I pressed on.)

It took awhile, but I finished The Dreaming Void. It was pretty good. Then I read The Temporal Void. I finally knew who all the characters were, so I enjoyed it a bit more. Then came this book,The Evolutionary Void.

Everything came together. Everything made sense. Every question I had was answered. I can’t even say anything about what happens in this book without spoiling the whole trilogy, but please believe me – it’s worth it. All 2000 or so pages. 

It’s worth it.

Final rating: