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My brain decides it’s an excellent time to go on strike, leaving me with zero resources to puzzle through the fact that I

a) woke up next to this lovely male-type person after engaging in activities I tragically can’t recall;
b) ended up in a cab with him, which;
c) took us to the exact same destination; until 
d) we found ourselves stepping out on the same floor. A floor that houses one business and one business only: Boomerang. 

My new place of employment. 
And apparently his too. 

Mia isn’t quite sure what exactly led her to Ethan’s apartment last night, but she’s pretty sure it was fun. In an uncharacteristic move, she seems to have gone home with him, and now, somehow, she’s ended up sharing a cab with him to the place they both work. 

Boomerang is the latest and greatest dating site, and Mia and Ethan are the newest interns. They’re competing for the one job open at the end of the internship, and if that wasn’t bad enough, Boomerang has a strict no dating policy between its employees. There are many reasons why Mia and Ethan should stay away from each other, but they continually find themselves drawn together. 

I found Boomerang really refreshing after a slew of terrible new adult books. First, the characters act their age. They aren’t acting like spoiled high school students, or masquerading as people who’ve totally got their lives together. They haven’t established themselves in their careers yet, obviously, and their careers aren’t weird, either. They have normal names. They aren’t crazy looking. (No purple, gray, or color shifting eyes here.) They have friends! Outside of each other! They think about each other a lot, but also have outside interests. It’s so nice to read a book with real characters who exist for something other than their partner’s pleasure. 

I highly recommend Boomerang for anyone who loves the idea of new adult, but is fed up with its typical execution.

Final rating: ★