As of 12/31 at midnight, I have read 2316 pages in the last month of 2014.  Not my highest-ranking month, but that’s alright.  There were a bunch of holidays in there, and it’s pretty rude to pull out a book in the middle of Christmas dinner!

  1. A Darker Shade of Magic (★☆): 400 pages
  2. Ruthless People (☆): 328 pages
  3. Kallocain (☆): 224 pages
  4. Red Rising (★): 401 pages
  5. Golden Son (☆): 464 pages
  6. Mr. Kiss and Tell (☆): 288 pages
  7. The Laughing Policeman (): 211 pages

(Side note: For the year of 2014, I have read 32599 pages, and a grand total of 100 books.  How did you do?)

Goals for 2015

2014 was a pretty great year for me, at least book-wise.  I read 100 books, and very few stand out as being terrible.  Most were actually great – in fact, I had more four- and five-star reads than one- and two-star last year!  About half of them were advance copies provided by authors and/or publishers, and the other half were books I was given as gifts or picked up at the recommendation of a friend.

My to-read list is basically endless, but I always have trouble picking which book to read next.  To help with that, I’m going to tackle POPSUGAR’s 2015 Reading Challenge.  It’s a 52 book challenge that encourages you to read outside of your comfort zone.  For me, that would be items like a graphic novel or a play or a book of short stories. I’m going to have fun with this challenge, and you can follow my progress on the page I’ve dedicated to it, or by checking my challenge tag.

In addition to that 52 book challenge, I also want to read 48 other books.  That’s a grand total of another 100 books.  At just under two books per week, I think this is completely achievable.

Have you set any reading goals for 2015?