As of 12/31 at midnight, I have read 2316 pages in the last month of 2014.  Not my highest-ranking month, but that’s alright.  There were a bunch of holidays in there, and it’s pretty rude to pull out a book in the middle of Christmas dinner!

  1. A Darker Shade of Magic (★☆): 400 pages
  2. Ruthless People (☆): 328 pages
  3. Kallocain (☆): 224 pages
  4. Red Rising (★): 401 pages
  5. Golden Son (☆): 464 pages
  6. Mr. Kiss and Tell (☆): 288 pages
  7. The Laughing Policeman (): 211 pages

(Side note: For the year of 2014, I have read 32599 pages, and a grand total of 100 books.  How did you do?)

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