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Just a Little Flirt is the second book in Renita Pizzitola’s Crush series.  See my review of Just a Little Crush on my blog, or on Goodreads.

Fallon has a bit of a reputation.  You know, that girl who never says no to another drink.  That girl who’s not afraid to go home with a different guy every night.  That girl who prefers a good party over actually going to class.  That reputation is starting to catch up with her as Fallon realizes that her grades are slipping, and if she doesn’t do something big, and soon, she might just flunk out of college.  Her new internship in the pediatric ward of the hospital might be just the thing to get her back on track.  After all, she can’t quite show up hungover to a morning shift with sick kids.  So with the help of a bet that forbids her from hooking up with anyone at work, Fallon starts making an effort to get her life back on track.  The summer internship is only six weeks anyway, and what’s six weeks of celibacy?  …Or so Fallon thinks, until she runs into the hottest guy ever in the stairwell at the hospital.  

Cade is everything Fallon would never go for.  He’s the golden boy, and unlike her, his whole life is on track.  He does well in school, holds a steady job, and volunteers as a therapy dog handler in his spare time.  That’s right, he lets sick kids play with his dog to make them a little happier.  To make matters worse (at least for Fallon and her goal of celibacy), Cade is the most perfect human on the planet.  He’s the most patient, understanding, non-judgmental person she’s ever met.  He’d never go for someone like her, and even if he did, he’s totally off-limits.

Just a Little Flirt is the second book I’ve read by Renita Pizzitola, and I have to say that she’s a very talented author.  She takes your average, typical romance storyline and puts a twist on it with great characters who have great chemistry.  She’s equally good at writing steamy and sweet scenes, and her dialogue is always spot on.  I actually love every character in this series… how rare is that?

One of the things that I’ve loved about both books so far in this series is that the girls keep up with the rest of their lives throughout their new relationships.  In so many books, the characters spend all their time with their significant other, completely ignoring their friends and families, and making the reader question whether they ever leave the house to go to work.  In Just a Little Flirt, just like in Just a Little Crush, the main characters keep up their other friendships.  Fallon still hangs out with Brinley and Mason, Cade regularly spends time with his roommate, and the two of them together hang out with the other people from work.  And, if anything, Fallon throws herself more into her work to prove that she can do her job well regardless of her relationship with a co-worker.

I really enjoyed Just a Little Flirt, and I’m looking forward to reading the third book in the series.  I just hope it features Mason!

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for inviting me to review this book!

Final rating: ★★★★☆

Just a Little Flirt will be released on March 31, 2015.

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