Can it be? Is it really possible? Did my advance copy of All Fall Down finally arrive, almost six months after I won it? I must be dreaming.

Huge thanks to Jack at Scholastic for all his help, and for putting up with me.

April 2015

April was full of books for me!  I didn’t realize I’d read eight full books and started a ninth… I kind of felt like I was slacking on my reading, actually.  I feel so accomplished now that I’ve totaled everything up.

  1. The Memory Keeper’s Daughter: 401 pages
  2. The Worrier’s Guide to Life: 112 pages
  3. Accidentally in Love: 298 pages
  4. Addicted For Now: 488 pages
  5. The List: 320 pages
  6. Falling Fast: ~247 pages
  7. Take the Fall: ~200 pages
  8. The Girl At Midnight: 368 pages
  9. Black Iris: page 1-48

Total: 2482 pages

I had to estimate #6 and #7 because there are no page counts listed for the books yet – I guess it’s still too far from release date?  I went based on Kindle locations, so I’m not too sure how accurate it is.

How was your April?  Did you read any really good books… or maybe really awful ones?  I had some of each this month.