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After Lily Calloway’s sex addiction and Loren Hale’s alcoholism became national news, Calloway stock plummeted.  Fizzle sales dropped.  Stores refused to sell Calloway Couture.  Sure, the parents and lawyers tried to do damage control, but a sudden engagement between Lily and Loren looked fake.  Nobody believed that the sex addict could be in a monogamous relationship.

Leave it to Rose to find a solution: a reality tv show following her, her sisters, and their boyfriends.  On camera, 24/7, hiding nothing.  The only problem is that reality tv is less than real.  But Rose’s company is on the line, and she’ll do whatever’s necessary to save her dream… even if that means putting up with creative editing and contrived love triangles.

Rose was never my favorite of the Calloways in the previous books.  She seemed distant and judgey, two of my least favorite characteristics.  She improved a little as the series went on and it became apparent that she loved her sisters and only wanted what’s best for them.  But in Kiss the Sky, we get inside Rose’s head and see a totally different side of her.  She is probably the least judgmental character I’ve ever seen.  She has so much compassion for her sisters, and only wishes that she’d been clued in to their problems sooner so that she could have intervened.  And while she puts on such an authoritative front, she’s got her own problems.  Like the fact that she’s almost afraid of her own sexuality.  The complete opposite of Lily.

In the previous books, Rose and Connor seemed like a convenient pairing.  Two driven, intelligent people who aren’t necessarily looking for romance, but more for someone to match them intellectually.  Or, I guess, that’s what all the other characters assumed based on their no-nonsense attitudes.  In Kiss the Sky, it becomes obvious that this is entirely incorrect.  Sure, Rose and Connor are perfect for each other.  They’re a match in every possible way.  Including in the bedroom.  Other reviewers have discussed this better than I ever could, so let me just say that their relationship is pretty much perfect, and it’s exactly what I’m looking for in a new adult book.  The Ritchie sisters did not disappoint.

This book is more of a 4.5 than 4 for me, and I’d have to say, it’s my favorite so far of all their books.  I can’t wait to start Hothouse Flower, but first I need to get through some of my ARC’s!

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