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As a notoriously hard to work with actress, Easie doesn’t get many job offers. She’s too headstrong, speaks her mind too much, and doesn’t put up with… much of anything. So when she gets a job offer for a brand new television show, she jumps at the chance. Turns out she’s the new face of weird sexual kinks – a show that would fit in very well with TLC’s lineup.

Easie’s not thrilled with the premise of the show, but she needs to pay her bills, and it doesn’t involve any actual sex. The first guy she’s paired with is a disgusting, womanizing jerk that even the audience hates. When he’s kicked off the show, Easie has to find someone to replace him, or she’s out of this desperately needed job. She turns to the only person she can think of – a man trying to start his own acting career that she’d met only a few days earlier.

When Anderson arrives on set, the powers that be immediately take a liking to him. And when he and Easie start acting out scenes, the sparks really start to fly.

Quirks & Kinks is a great lighthearted, funny read with a side of steamy passion. Easie and Anderson make a perfect couple, and the side characters only added to the story. It took me four days to read this book, but only because I was on a road trip with a five-month-old baby at the time, which didn’t leave a ton of opportunities for reading. I imagine if I’d been able to just sit down and read, it wouldn’t have taken much more than a night to finish.

So, yes. This book is good. And if this book is so good, why did I only give it three stars?

• While most of the jokes were funny, some had me rolling my eyes. Yes, this is a book about weird kinks. It is not a serious book. But some of Easie’s reactions and quips about what she’s acting out were just over the top. She’s always going on about how she’s a professional, but then she jokes about how weird/gross/creepy her daily situation is. I think it would have been ok if she didn’t go on to say (in the next few pages, usually) that she’s a professional and she can put her feelings aside to do a scene.
• Manufactured drama. Easie and Anderson were clearly perfect for each other. That was obvious upon their first meeting. So why couldn’t they just be happy? Why did Easie have to be sooo overly dramatic? Why couldn’t Anderson just tell Easie what’s on his mind? I couldn’t handle the drama because it seemed so absolutely unnecessary.
• The relationship moved wayyy too quickly. I’m not talking about the physical side of their relationship. I have no problem with that. (view spoiler)

If you’re looking for a light, funny book, Quirks & Kinks has you covered. If you’re looking for a serious romance, look elsewhere. My final rating for this one probably hovers around 3.5 stars. Despite the problems I had with it, I did still enjoy reading it and would read other books by this author.

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the free copy.

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