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I have to be honest here. When I first started reading the Addicted series and found out there was a book featuring Ryke and Daisy, I was a little put off. The idea of this 25-year-old guy dating this 18-year-old girl was almost too much to handle, especially given the fact that Daisy is only fifteen when the story begins. But I love the Ritchie sisters, and I’ve never been disappointed in anything they’ve written, so I gave it a try. And… wow. My mind was blown. I’m sorry. I won’t doubt these authors again.

Ryke and Daisy have been fighting their feelings for years, not wanting to upset their families. Ryke’s brother, Lo, is dating Daisy’s sister, Lily. And from the moment Ryke and Daisy met, Lo’s warned him against starting anything with her. Despite this, their friendship has been filled with flirting, innuendo, and more touching than strictly necessary since the beginning. Ryke and Daisy are frequently pushed together as their siblings and friends pair off, and what’s developed over the years is a friendship more solid than any relationship either of them has ever had. They soon find that they can’t hold back anymore, but the fear of disapproval – or worse – keeps them from sharing their new relationship.

There’s not really a whole lot for me to say here. The Calloways and their friends are some of my favorite literary characters, and the Ritchie sisters literally never disappoint. I’m convinced that they could write just about anything and I would love it. Initially I wasn’t sure if I wanted to branch out from Lily and Lo, but both Kiss the Sky and Hothouse Flower have been amazing, enjoyable reads. I don’t want the series to end, but I seriously cannot wait for the release of Long Way Down

Final rating: ★★★★☆