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I’m a really big fan of Laura Drewry’s Friends First series, so I was really excited to be invited to review How Forever Feels.  This installment follows Maya, who we’ve previously seen mending her broken heart after her divorce.

Maya’s got a good heart, but it’s still taken her a long time to open herself up again after finding out that her beloved husband had been cheating on her.  But now, two years later, she’s getting ready to put herself out there again… and in walks Jack, her ex-husband’s best friend.  Maya met Jack shortly before she met her future ex-husband, Will.  While she always thought that Jack was simply introducing her to Will at that long-ago party, it turns out he’d actually been flirting with her!  Jack has always harbored secret feelings for Maya, but given all that Will’s family has done for him through the years, he never acted on them. But now, with Maya feeling herself drawn to Jack as well, the two of them must figure out how deep their feelings go and whether a relationship is worth the inevitable fall-out.

When I read books by Laura Drewry, I know that I’m in for a good experience.  This is my third book by her (somehow I missed Plain Jayne, but I’ll get there eventually!) and I liked it just as much as the last two.  She has a talent for writing realistic, likable characters in unusual, yet not unbelievable situations.

The only thing that didn’t sit quite right with me was Jack’s blind loyalty to Will’s family, who seem to take advantage of and emotionally manipulate him at every chance they get.  Maybe with more backstory or flashbacks, this would have been more clear.  But aside from that, great as always.

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the free copy!

Final rating: ★★★★☆