All About Cookbooks

As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been reading a lot of cookbooks lately.  It got me thinking, do cookbooks really count as books?  Should I be listing them with my page count?  Should they count toward my reading goal for the year?

And I think it really depends.  Because usually, upon getting a new cookbook, I excitedly flip through it, marking recipes that jump out at me and elbowing my boyfriend asking him if he thinks this or that sounds good.

I don’t usually actually read it.

But with the books I reviewed for Netgalley, I really sat down and analyzed them.  The mix of recipes. The quality of writing. The layout. The design. The overall quality of the book.  I read every page, and the introduction to every recipe.

In that case, I’ll count it.  But for the usual flip-through, I won’t.

What’s your opinion?