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It’s not often that I rate books so low.  I had my rating set at two stars, but then I thought that wasn’t fair to the other two-star books in recent memory. Love Me is on a whole different level.

I first downloaded this book years ago, before I even had an e-reader to read it on, back when I was trying to find something – anything – to read on my lunch breaks at work.  It was free for Kindle, and it gathered virtual dust for about three years before I remembered I had it.

The plot is supposed to go something like this: Luke and Janica have known each other since childhood.  Luke’s brother married Janica’s sister, and so they’ve kept their feelings for each other buried so as not to upset the delicate balance in their lives.  One night, Luke’s in such an awful place that he can’t think of anywhere he could go but Janica’s house.  Romance ensues.  Feelings combust.  Fireworks.

What actually happens: Sex.  Some more sex.  An argument.  Sex.  Argument.  Sex.  Tragedy.  Sex.  Marriage.

This book really doesn’t have a plot.  It’s a mess.  Neither of the characters are likable.  Janica starts off alright but ends up losing her spirit at the end.  Luke didn’t work for me.  There was nothing in his personality that appealed to me whatsoever.  They didn’t have any chemistry.  The sex scenes aren’t even sexy.  I hardly think it’s a spoiler to share that the author resorts to insta-marriage to wrap up this story nicely, because that’s exactly what I would expect from a story of this caliber.

I have seen Bella Andre’s name come up so often when it comes to good romance, but I won’t be seeking out other books by her any time soon.  I’m glad this book was free.  I can’t imagine suggesting that anybody should spend money on it.

Final rating: ★☆☆☆☆