Book review: Long Way Down by Krista & Becca Ritchie

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It’s been a couple weeks now since I finished Long Way Down, and honestly I’m still pretty emotional. I had been looking forward to this book for months, but I scared to read it. It’s the end of an era (sort of), and there were rumors flying around that one of the main characters might die, people were speculating that something might happen to Ryke and/or Daisy, and there was generally just a feeling that something really dramatic was going to happen.

Now, let me make it clear: I trust these ladies completely. I am 110% convinced that I’ll love anything they write. But I was still scared that this book was going to break my heart.

Spoiler alert: It didn’t.

My heart is still whole. And it’s happy. Sure, this book has really sad parts. Terrible things happen. I cried. (More than once.) But this book is so good. It’s the perfect ending to Ryke and Daisy’s story.

That’s all I’m going to say in my review. Anything more and I run the risk of spoiling it for anybody who hasn’t read it or previous books in the series.

And I want to encourage everybody to read this series. (You can get the first book for free on Amazon.) It somehow gets better and better and better as it goes on. (You can see my ratings steadily increase, by the way.) I can’t wait for Some Kind of Perfect, Infini, and the Like Us series.

Of all the authors I first discovered in 2015, I’m most excited to have found Krista & Becca Ritchie.


Final rating:

★★★★★, of course.

For my 2015 reading challenge, I’m crossing off #22: a book that scares you.