December 2015

  1. The Taming of the Shrew: 291 pages
  2. These Broken Stars: 378 pages
  3. Younger: 326 pages
  4. The Selection: 336 pages
  5. Seventh Heaven: 272 pages
  6. The Deal: 358 pages
  7. Crooked Little Lies: 385 pages
  8. Shadow & Bone: 368 pages

Total: 2714 pages

According to Goodreads, in 2015 as a whole, I read 31,794 total pages. This may be slightly different from what I tracked here, because I’m not meticulous about matching the edition on Goodreads.  I’ll take it as more or less accurate, though.

This is about 1,000 pages less than last year, but spread over more books.  (I guess this makes sense, because I read fewer, longer books in 2014, like all the 700+ page novels by Peter F. Hamilton.)

How does your year of reading in 2015 compare to 2014?