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Lilac LaRoux, the richest heiress in the entire galaxy, narrowly avoids death by hotwiring an escape pod as the luxury spaceship Icarus goes down, ripped out of hyperspace by some unknown force. Decorated war hero Tarver Merendsen happens to be there with her, having helped her avoid the pandemonium as the 50,000 people aboard the ship clamber for help. The two crash land on a mysterious planet, terraformed to the point of having forests and plains, breathable air, and critters large and small, but no colonists to be found. Who would spend such outrageous amounts of money terraforming a planet only to abandon it? Why is no rescue mission coming to look for survivors?

I think this book solidified for me that I’m done with dystopian stories. They all sound the same to me. They’re all the same plot, in a slightly different location, with slightly different characters: boy and girl, stranded away from all civilized life, must fight for their lives and expose the corruption of the society that led them to this point.

It’s not a bad book if you’re into that kind of thing, but clearly I’m not anymore. I like my books with a bit more plot. A bit more worldbuilding. A bit more personality. This is a love story – sort of – and it mostly centers around how the two characters feel about each other. That, and detailed descriptions of the two characters trekking around, each scene obviously constructed to push them closer together.

I’m disappointed that I didn’t like this book more, but I think that speaks more to my general attitude toward this sort of book, rather than any failure by the authors.

Final rating: ★★★☆☆