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Music major Hannah doesn’t do parties. She doesn’t do alcohol. She’s more than happy sitting at home, working on a song, bantering with her roommate, and getting through college in one piece. She’s not big on relationships, or sex, or putting herself out there because of a traumatic event in her past. But she is into Justin, her school’s star football player, who also happens to be in her Ethics class. And for Justin, she might break some of her rules.

Enter Garrett, a popular, sexy hockey player who’s had more than his fair share of female attention. Garrett is also in Hannah’s Ethics class, and when he notices that she aced the test that he (and everybody else) failed, he makes her an offer she can’t refuse. He’s noticed her pining for Justin from afar, and he’ll do everything in his power to make Justin notice her if she’ll just help him raise his grade so that he can stay on the hockey team.

With that, we have “The Deal.”

It’s a cliched beginning, for sure. Who hasn’t read some variation of this story before, right? WRONG. While it might start like countless other New Adult novels, it’s really the characters, their interactions, and the romance that blooms between Hannah and Garrett that really makes this book worth it. Sure, cliches abound. But this book isn’t a cliche. It felt fresh and new, unlike 90% of the New Adult novels I read this year. Elle Kennedy keeps the plot moving, she keeps the reader interested, and she has me dying to know what’s going to happen in The Mistake.

Final rating: ★★★★★