I’ve had Killing the TBR on hold for a while.  Honestly, it got a little tedious to read three books per month that I wasn’t really into, and for no good reason.  I mean, if I’m going to buy a book, I’m going to buy a book.  No “reading challenge” is going to stop me from doing it, right?

So I held off.  The holidays were a little crazy.  I don’t even know where January went.  But now I’m ready to start this thing up again, but with a few changes.

  1. I no longer need to own a book for a full year before it qualifies.  (After all, I’ll run out of choices eventually, won’t I?)  Now, the book must be at least one month old.

    I’ve created a page listing all books that qualify for the challenge.

  2. The challenge is going to run on a monthly basis now.  No keeping track of strange 30-day periods.  It’s officially from the first day of the month to the last day.
  3. Gone are the days of trying to fit in three books per month while still completing my yearly reading challenge and keeping up with ARC’s.  Now it’s a minimum of one book per month.
  4. I’ll post all the books that I read the previous month that qualified.  The reward is my TBR pile getting smaller.  I’ll also try to remember to tag these reviews for the challenge.  If I don’t read any books that qualify in a particular month, I’ll made a sad post in which I share how disappointed I am in myself.

That’s it.  The new and improved KILLING THE TBR challenge.  Are you with me?  Are you ready to tackle your TBR pile?