Happy Top Ten Tuesday!  Today is all about historical settings.  I am a big fan of historical fiction, although I generally get distracted by futuristic books if I have the choice.  But that doesn’t mean that I don’t love books set in the past! Some of my favorite books are historical fiction, and here are settings I love to read about.

  1. 1950′s (for example: In the Unlikely Event, Seventh Heaven)
  2. 1960′s in the Southern US (for example: The Help, The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, Necessary Lies)
  3. 1980′s (for example: Eleanor & Park)
  4. 1990′s (for example: Landline, although it’s more time travel than historical fiction, but I’ll let it slide – also, are the 90′s historical yet?)
  5. Colonial America (for example: The Spirit Keeper – although this is not one of my favorite settings, there are some excellent books set during this time)
  6. Victorian England (for example: A Great and Terrible Beauty)
  7. Old New York (for example: The Diviners, set in 1929)
  8. Depression Era (for example: Water for Elephants)
  9. World War I Era (for example: Leviathanagain, not one of my favorite settings, but I’ve read some good books set during this time as well)
  10. World War II Era (for example: The Book Thief, Atonement, Margot)

Epic Reads has a great timeline of YA historical fiction if you’re interested in getting into the genre!

Do you have any historical fiction favorites that I should try?