So, I guess I didn’t do too badly in my challenge to myself.  I flew through both Winter and The Bell Jar, but Time’s Edge proved elusive once again.  I’m taking that one off my list.  It’s just not happening right now.

Here are three books I’m going to try really hard to finish over the next two weeks or so!


– I have had The Kite Runner since 2012, when I accidentally stole it from my aunt’s friend.  She lent it to me, and then I moved halfway across the country and forgot to give it back.  And the worst part is I never even read it! So I am committing to reading this book and taking it back next time I go home.
– I have also had The Keeper of Lost Causes since about 2013 or so.  I bought it with some Audible credits I needed to use up, and I have never listened to it.
– I got an ARC of Another Day months ago, and shortly after finishing, bought Every Day (which actually comes first).  And, as with the books above… I still haven’t read it.  Maybe it’s good now, because I’ve forgotten just about everything that happens in Another Day.  I won’t spoil myself, at least.

I have a feeling that the goals I’ve set for myself might be a bit too lofty.  We’ll see.  Wish me luck!

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