I’ve been hearing other reviewers talk about Overdrive for awhile now, but I never thought to look into it until recently.  I was browsing my library’s catalog and noticed they have a much better selection of ebooks than paper books, at least within my areas of interest.

I downloaded the app, and the rest is history.  I felt kind of technologically-challenged when I was first exploring, but then I realized it’s just really straightforward!  You can read within the Overdrive app itself (the book I’m currently reading was only available in that format), but most of my library’s books are available as actual Kindle books.  (I much prefer that.  I don’t care too much for the reading interface within the app.)

I placed a bunch of holds, and now I’m just waiting to get the emails that the books I’m waiting for are ready!  I’m so happy to be excited about my library again.

Do you use Overdrive?  Is it available at your library?