Happy Top Ten Tuesday!  Today’s topic is ten books I enjoyed recently that weren’t my typical genre or were out of my comfort zone.  I make no secret of the fact that I typically read young adult and new adult.  I don’t deviate from that very much, and I’m fine with that.  But sometimes, be it for a reading challenge or because somebody gives me a book I wouldn’t normally read, I do step out of my comfort zone.  It doesn’t happen too often (so I went back a little over a year for some of these) but I do usually end up really enjoying these books.

– I read Persepolis for my 2015 reading challenge.  The topic?  A banned book.  I don’t often read issue-heavy books.  I don’t often read graphic novels.  I’m not super into history.  But I loved this book.
– Interpreter of Maladies was also for my reading challenge. Topic: a Pulitzer Prize winner.  Not my normal cup of tea, but I really enjoyed this one.  I knew when the first short story made me start sobbing that I was in for a wild ride.

Pretending to Dance is a book I picked up from Netgalley, mostly because I know Diane Chamberlain is a very good author, although I don’t often read adult fiction.  It was so good.

The Perfect Son was my choice one month from Kindle First.  Again, adult fiction doesn’t usually do it for me, but that was really well-written and kept me engaged throughout.
– Seventh Heaven was the final book on this list that I bought specifically for my reading challenge.  Topic: a book that came out the year you were born.  It was magical.

– I’ve owned The Bell Jar for years, and only picked it up for my Killing the TBR challenge.  I was really surprised at how much I liked it.
– The only reason I binged on Peter F. Hamilton novels is because I got approved for The Abyss Beyond Dreams on Netgalley.  None of his books are my usual interest, but I got really, really into them and enjoyed myself so much.

The Golden Compass 

 – The Subtle Knife
The Amber Spyglass

These three were also part of my Killing the TBR challenge.  I’ve owned them since I was a child but had never read them.  I don’t often read books featuring young children, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I cared about these kids.

Have you been pleasantly surprised by anything you’ve read recently?  Do you find that you enjoy books that push you out of your comfort zone?