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I think I’m probably the only person in the world who read Faking It without reading Losing It. I’m here to tell you that it works: we’re provided with plenty of background information, and I never felt like I was in the dark.

I accidentally bought this one when I got a sale alert. I didn’t realize it was the second in a series, but I figured since it features different characters, I wouldn’t be missing too much. Anyway, I’m glad that I read it. I finished it in just a couple hours on a day off. It’s my first book by Cora Carmack, and I can definitely call myself a fan of hers now!

In Faking It, musician Max is at a coffee shop with her new boyfriend Mace when she gets a call from her parents. They’re in town! They want to meet her and her boyfriend in five minutes! Oh no! Max has kept up a conservative charade around her uptight parents for years. They don’t know about her tattoos, her piercings, or the fact that she’s currently dating a less-than-desirable character. She can hide her tattoos and piercings with no problem, but what about the boyfriend? She sends Mace home and propositions a studious-looking guy at a nearby table. Pretend to be her boyfriend for a day. How hard can that be?

It turns out that Cade is getting his MFA in theatre. He’s the perfect man for the job. Max refers to him as “Golden Boy” because he’s just so perfect. He’s her parents’ dream, and things couldn’t be going any better. Even Max finds herself developing a serious attraction to him. The problem: can their fake relationship survive their very real connection?

I loved this book so much, but it also frustrated me to no end. One of my least favorite things in a romance is when the characters are clearly perfect for each other, but they find stupid, petty things to get in the way of their happiness.

That’s exactly what happens in this book.

As Max says, “I push people away.”
As Cade says, “I let people go.”

When Cade and Max are together, everything is perfect. He pushes her to be a better person, to stand up for herself, to face her fears. She makes him a little more of a risk taker, inspires him to focus a little less on perfection.

And their chemistry. Their chemistry is amazing. Are all of Cora Carmack’s books like this? I might have to go on a shopping spree…

Overall, this book was great. I probably would have rated it five stars if not for the several frustrating scenes where they separate. Definitely recommended for fans of new adult and romance.

Final rating: ★★★★☆

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