Happy Top Ten Tuesday!  Today is all about ten books to read if you’re looking for _____________.  I decided to go with “a new favorite author,” and so all ten books are by the lovely Krista & Becca Ritchie.  I started reading their books in the middle of last year, and now literally nothing compares.



The books that started it all!  These are heartbreaking books about two best friends struggling with addiction.  Lily is a sex addict, seeking out random men in frat houses, bar bathrooms, and parties.  Lo is an alcoholic, drinking expensive liquor every night until he passes out.  They pretend to be dating to hide their respective addictions from their families, but a real relationship is on the horizon.

          Addicted To You // Addicted For Now // Addicted After All


The Addicted trilogy has some spin-offs, but if you don’t want to get into them, you can see what you’ve missed in these two novellas.  (Well, they’re actually full-length books, but they fill in the gaps.)  Or, if you’re as addicted to Addicted as I am, you’ll just read everything these authors write.

          Ricochet // Thrive



Kiss the Sky is the first Calloway Sisters spin-off novel, following Lily’s older sister Rose and her developing relationship with her academic rival, Connor.  Fuel the Fire takes place a couple years later and follows them when their relationship is more established.

          Kiss the Sky // Fuel the Fire



If forbidden love is your thing, you’ll be all over these books about Ryke and Daisy, Lily’s youngest sister.  Ryke is seven years older than Daisy, and they’ve been admiring each other from afar for years.  She’s finally eighteen, but their relationship would still shock their friends and family.  Just like with Connor and Rose, the first book, Hothouse Flower, follows the development of their relationship, and the second book, Long Way Down, catches up with them a couple years later.

          Hothouse Flower // Long Way Down



Step into a different universe (sort of) with Amour Amour.  We’re no longer following the Calloways, although they still exist in this book!  Thora is a gymnast who desperately wants to join the Aerial Ethereal circus as an aerialist.  Nikolai is the show’s well-established star.  Sparks fly between the two from the moment they meet, but it becomes harder and harder to keep their hands to themselves as they practice the show’s sexy maneuvers.

          Amour Amour

There are more books coming soon within the world of Aerial Ethereal!