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I first heard about this series back in 2014, when it was constantly on the Goodreads First Reads giveaway page. Although I entered those giveaways time and time again, I never won. But then I got an email from BookBub that One Condition was on sale, and despite being up to my eyeballs in schoolwork, I snapped it up. That was a few weeks ago, but I finally read it last night.

Honestly, I don’t understand the love for this series.

Kaidan is not a nice person. He toys with Hayley, and it’s somehow supposed to be sexy. There is nothing sexy about a man who makes his partner feel like she’s constantly competing with his ex. Nothing. I don’t see any of what Hayley saw in this guy. At best he’s ignoring her. At worst? Well, don’t even get me started on that last scene.

Hayley isn’t much better. If this girl would just use her head she wouldn’t have nearly as many problems. Strange men in black SUV’s following you around, waving guns at you and demanding money for a debt you didn’t know you had? Maybe call the police! Don’t go to an ATM and empty out your savings!! Your dad makes some weird condition for you getting your inheritance? Don’t cry about it, get a job like a normal person!

Frustrating. That’s a good one-word review for this book.

Granted, I’ve only read the first installment. It’s only 206 pages. Maybe it gets a lot better. But maybe it doesn’t, so I’m not going to be carrying on with this series.


Final rating: ★★☆☆☆