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For Liv, Starveil is life. It occupies 100% of her energy, 100% of the time. When her favorite character, Captain Matt Spartan, dies at the end of the most recent movie, she’s devastated. She mourns his death online with the rest of the fandom. But Liv knows that the powers that be take notice of what the fans want, and suddenly she comes up with the idea of #spartansurvived, an online movement in which fans prove the various ways that Spartan could have narrowly avoided death.

But then #spartansurvived starts taking up all of Liv’s free time. It starts cutting into her classes. Her grades suffer. Her relationships with family and friends go downhill. Fandom takes over her life. School is stressing her out, her mother is upset with her, and her romantic life has gone up in flames. Her best friend Xander comes up with a plan: the two of them will go to DragonCon together, they’ll go to all theStarveil panels together, and maybe even meet some of the cast.

I really liked when Liv got to meet all of her internet friends and found out that they were nothing like she expected. I kind of tend to assume that all the people I talk to online are my age (unless they tell me otherwise), so I can totally see her shock at meeting them in real life happening to me.

I wasn’t a big fan of the degree of Liv’s obsession withStarveil. It was a little weird. I’ve been pretty obsessed with things in my day, but never to the point that my grades declined or my relationships suffered. I didn’t like the fact that Liv’s mom was portrayed as out of touch for wanting her to focus more on real life and less on her fandom.

I really liked Liv and Xander’s friendship. Does Xander care about Starveil? Not really. He certainly isn’t bothered by the fact that Spartan died. He much prefers to work on his latest steampunk cosplay than worry about what’s happening in some space world. But he’s there for Liv. Always.

I wasn’t a big fan of the conflict in Liv’s relationship at the end of the book. It kind of came out of nowhere for me, and I really hate angst for angst’s sake. To be honest, I wasn’t really a fan of how the relationship earlier in the book ended, either. It was funny, but it also came out of nowhere and was kind of weird.

I really liked how cute and well-written this book was! I figured that, given the subject matter, this book would either be terrible and painfully awkward or quirky and awesome, and I’m so glad that it was the latter! The characters are all just shy of over-the-top, and they all grew on me as I got further into this book.

There’s more that I wish I could say, but I’ll keep my mouth shut for the sake of spoiler prevention.

This book was such a pleasant surprise, and I am definitely going to be checking out other books by Danika Stone and Swoon Reads.

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the free review copy!

Final rating: ★★★★☆