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Young genius Lucy is, at only 21 years old, finishing up her doctoral research.  She’s received a grant to study emotions as pathogens, but the research isn’t going well.  She’s forced to work as a mental health counselor, which mainly involves handing tissues to students as they rant and cry about their relationship woes.  Not exactly what she’s looking for, but what else can she do?  There aren’t a lot of university-approved ways to get hands-on research into emotion.

Lucy’s neighbor, Jensen, turns out to be her key to understanding emotion.  Interviewing Jensen, learning about how college students interact, and falling for him in the process, Lucy gets a lot more than she bargained for.  The connection between Lucy and Jensen builds slowly, and there are plenty of cute/sweet and hot/steamy moments.

Above all else, this is a romantic comedy, so there are none of the normal new adult cliches.  Lucy doesn’t have a dark past, she hasn’t lost anybody in a dramatic way, and there are no love triangles.  There’s just a quirky girl, a misunderstood boy, and a charming, funny coming-of-age story.

Final rating: ★★★★☆