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All Ellie Wagner wanted was to stay out of the public eye.

After a video of her showing her date exactly what she thought of his sexism went viral, she tried to shrink back into anonymity. She just wanted to work at her terrible job with her terrible boss and earn her terrible paycheck without someone constantly referencing that unfortunate video.

Then she found herself (literally) falling at the feet of one of hip hop’s biggest stars, Mason Nash. Mason seems to like her. And even worse, she really likes him. But can a girl who just wants to stay hidden deal with all the publicity that comes from dating a celebrity?

The relationship between Ellie and Mason was perfect at the beginning. They complemented each other really nicely, and it was obvious that they truly cared. They have a lot in common, and there’s no ulterior motive on either end. Ellie doesn’t even know that Mason is famous until we’re well into their story. So the angst level, at least at the beginning, is relatively low.

Then everything goes haywire. There’s family drama. There’s music drama. There’s drama from misunderstandings. There are overreactions. There’s a random guy with a gun? And, of course, some manufactured drama, because this is a new adult book, after all.

I was set to give this book five stars from the promising beginning, but it quickly turned into a typical, cliched new adult book. Ellie and Mason lost their distinct personalities and became insecure and whiny, and instead of listening to each other, they jumped to wild conclusions and fought. It was a disappointing way for this otherwise great story to go.

I give the author points for the idea, but the execution could have used some work.

Final rating: ★★★☆☆