Happy Top Ten Tuesday!  Today’s theme is all about me, so here are ten facts that you may or may not know.  (In case you have trouble with images, they’re all listed below.)

  1. I was born in Wisconsin.
  2. I currently live in New Jersey.
  3. When I travel, it’s usually to Virginia or New York.
  4. I majored in Linguistics in college, so I speak…
  5. Spanish…
  6. and Portuguese in addition to English.
  7. I have two pet cats and I love them to death.
  8. I’ve been working at my current job for four years. (Ever since I was 22!)
  9. I’m in a six-month intensive medical coding program, which will hopefully lead to more job opportunities.
  10. You may already know this (but maybe not): I read and review a minimum of 100 books per year.

So, I hope that you now feel like you know me a little better!

What should people know about you?

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