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Hotshot obstetrician Charlotte and billionaire Declan were everything to each other in college… until they weren’t.  Ten years later, they unexpectedly reunite on the South Carolina beach and are forced to explore feelings that never quite went away.  But although Declan’s never forgotten Charlotte, Charlotte has never forgiven him for doing the one thing he swore he’d never do: abandoning her.

I wanted to like this book.  Really, I did.

But it’s just cliche after cliche after cliche.  I suppose it’s supposed to be engrossing.  Or shocking.  Or something.  But I had figured out the main twist by about 6% in, and what’s left was… disappointing.

I have three questions.  Please feel free to enlighten me.

Why does every hero have to be a billionaire these days?  Declan’s wealth, aside from putting him and Charlotte in different social circles growing up, doesn’t factor into the story. (And honestly, being a mere millionaire would have sufficed for that plot point.) He’s not the kind of hero that buys the heroine her own private jet or whatever. He doesn’t throw his wealth around.  Is it the house thing?  Because he could’ve just as easily rented a sensible cottage to be close to his family.  There was no reason, plot-wise at least, for him to purchase the most expensive house available.  Maybe I’m supposed to find vast expendable wealth sexy?  I’m not sure, but Declan being a billionaire didn’t really fit here.

Why does Charlotte need to cry fifteen times on each page?  I mean, this girl is an emotional time bomb.  Look at her funny and she’ll be bawling on the floor.  As an obstetrician, she presumably needs to be able to break the worst news to expecting mothers, to tell them that their children won’t make it.  How does she possibly do that when she can’t even make it through dinner without sobbing?

Am I just getting desensitized to this stuff, or were the sexytimes really boring?  I mean, even the characters admit that it goes exactly the same every time.  Where’s the fun in that?  Their first time was good.  I do have to commend the author on that.  But variety is the spice of life, alright?  It’s not like I need my characters to be swinging from trapezes or building secret sex dungeons, but mix it up a little bit, at least!

I guess I just expected a little bit more.  But this book did keep me entertained, and although it is almost unbearably cheesy, I read it in one sitting over the holiday weekend.  I won’t be actively seeking out more works by this author, but in terms of Amazon freebies, it most definitely could have been worse.

Final rating: ★★☆☆☆