Top Ten Tuesday: Ten things that books have made me want to do

Happy Top Ten Tuesday!  Today’s topic is ten things that books have made me want to do.  This is both easy and hard because I often get inspired by books, but trying to come up with ten things off the top of my head is a little challenging.  So here are ten things that recent reads have made me want to do.  After I post this, I’ll probably think of ten more that would have been better!

  1. Go to a music festival!  It’s not like I’ve never been to a music festival before.  I’ve probably attended Summerfest at least ten times.  I went to Bamboozle back in 2009.  I also did Shadow of the City in 2015 and Global Citizen in 2014.  (I’m not sure if those last two count.)  But I’d love to do the whole festival experience, where you go with your close friends and hang out and meet people and have tons of fun while listening to amazing bands. (insp: Seven Ways to Lose Your Heart)
  2. Go on a road trip!  While I’ve driven cross-country four times, I can’t say I’ve ever been on a road trip.  Every time has just been for the straight purpose of getting from Point A to Point B.  I’ve never driven around with friends for fun, stopping along the way to see the sights and getting into shenanigans. (insp: Seven Ways to Lose Your Heart)
  3. Reconnect with old friends!  I’m really bad at keeping up friendships when I don’t see you every day.  It’s not that I want to.  It’s just that life happens, and all of a sudden it’s been six months since we’ve spoken and it makes me feel absolutely awful.  I would love to reconnect with old friends that I haven’t seen in years. (insp: Seven Ways to Lose Your Heart)
  4. Hang out with my favorite band!  I’ve fallen into the deep, dark abyss of watching Youtube videos of my favorite bands being awesome and hilarious.  Right now I’m kind of obsessing over twenty one pilots.  I think we could easily be BFFs.  We just need to meet first.  (insp: More Than Music)
  5. Go back and visit my home state of Wisconsin!  I left Wisconsin without a second thought when I was 22 years old.  I didn’t think there was really anything there for me anymore, and I had this mentality that I was young and free and why not move 1,000 miles away.  Four years later, I miss it.  I miss it a lot.  I miss my family and my old friends (see #3) and how there’s always something to do there.  I’d move back in a heartbeat.  (insp: Arrows)
  6. Have a big family!  I’m an only child.  I grew up with a lot of cousins and a lot of neighbors around my age, but I never had that sibling experience.  I don’t want that for my future children.  I want them to have best friends who will be there no matter what.  Confidants.  Protectors.  I know it’s not all sunshine and rainbows with siblings (one of my best friends growing up was one of seven), but when I read books about big families, it makes me want that.  (insp: Some Kind of Perfect)
  7. Hang out in some libraries!  Why does the best stuff always happen in libraries?  I mean, seriously.  In the books I read, people are always meeting rockstars and new best friends and the coolest people ever when they go to the library.  I’d like to get in on that action, please. (insp: Taught)
  8. Get crafty!  Sometimes I can be crafty.  I love to sew, especially baby stuff.  I can make a great bib, burp cloth, or baby blanket.  Sometimes I wish that I were crafty in other ways, though.  Like maybe if I could paint, or build things, or have a sense of creativity that’s more than just following patterns.  That would be nice. (insp: Kaleidoscope Hearts)
  9. Go to the Strand bookstore in NYC! In all the times I’ve been to the city, I’ve never seen 18 miles of books in one place.  How fun would that be?  I just feel like I would be among my people, the ones who understand exactly how I feel about reading.  Who wants to go with me?  (insp: Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares)
  10. Start a club!  Have you ever noticed how twenty-somethings in books are always members of some sort of club?  There are knitting clubs and book clubs and all kinds of other clubs that are escaping me right now. I would love to have a club where I meet up with my friends and discuss something that we all have in common.  A book club would be the obvious choice, but I’m open to other topics too.  (insp: Neanderthal Seeks Human)

What have books inspired you to do?