Book review: Confess by Colleen Hoover

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As with most Colleen Hoover books, I actually read Confess in one sitting. By now I’ve learned to read her books on the weekend, which is good because I think I stayed up until about 1am with this one.

I basically started sobbing while I was reading the prologue. So my thoughts were something along the lines of I’m going to love this book so much. I’m dead already. Colleen Hoover has killed me. Probably a little less calm and eloquent than that, but you get the point. But then…

I was a little confused by Owen. Like… why was he trying so hard? Why did he so badly need to convince some random girl off the street to work for him? Offering her $100/hour? That’s a little insane. Real jobs do not pay that much. And then he kept giving her alcohol, even though he knew she was underage. It was a little creepy.

But, surprisingly, Owen is the good guy. And I ended up liking him a lot. Hoover knows how to write her love interests, that’s for sure. She also knows how to write her twists. And I’m not going to get into the twist here. I think it’s better to go in not knowing what it is. (Although I had my suspicions early on.)

The thing I didn’t really like is that Auburn and Owen only actually interact a couple times, but we’re supposed to believe that they have this incredible connection and are somehow in love. They hardly know each other. Am I supposed to believe that this relationship is going to last? Because, honestly, I’ve seen erotica with better relationship development.

One of the main reasons that Owen looks so good is that he’s compared to his total opposite, a controlling, obsessive, abusive jerk from Auburn’s past. And honestly, what was the point of him other than to create drama? The storyline was so absurd, and without giving too much away, I honestly think the fact that he had his parents’ approval for his despicable behavior made it so much more over-the-top.

Like most Colleen Hoover books, there were things I loved and things I didn’t, and it averages out to about three stars. I will still read whatever she writes, even though I know I’ll be simultaneously frustrated and in love.

PS: I absolutely loved the art in this book, and if I could buy prints for my house, I would.

Final rating: ★★★☆☆

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