Book review: Royal Rock by B.B. Hamel

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Bryce just is your normal college student, just trying to get through life and finish up her nursing degree with as little drama as possible.  Then she finds out that her family once ruled Starkland, an obscure European country that she’s never even heard of before.  Suddenly, her family is receiving an invitation to Starkland and the king is trying to marry her and produce an heir as soon as possible!  It’s definitely not the summer vacation she expected.

Christophe Werner von Brunhild the Third, Prince of the Lowlands and the Right King of Starkland (aka Trip) was never meant to be king. No, that honor belonged to his older brother, Leopold.  But Leo was killed while fighting some rebels, and Trip was pulled out of his carefree life of partying and thrust into a position he never wanted or expected, the new king of a country that’s starting to rebel against the very idea of a monarchy.

First things first, this book is completely over the top.  The author herself says it in the blurb.  And it helps to know this going in, because this book is not at all serious.  If you’re expecting some kind of amazing political commentary or some beautiful relationship development, you’re in the wrong place.  This is the kind of book you read for fun.

Trip is a cocky jerk with a filthy mouth, and at first, Bryce wants nothing to do with him.  But then she decides to give him a chance and learns that Trip is more than meets the eye.  Still, the majority of the book is spent inside their heads or inside their beds, and there’s not a whole lot of plot or dialogue aside from that.

Normally I really enjoy Hamel’s books, but this one was just okay for me.  It’s fairly predictable and even the steamy scenes got a little monotonous after awhile.  Still, it’s a fun story and I’d recommend it for someone looking for an easy escape from reality.

Final rating: ★★★☆☆