Book review: Dirty Work by Sophie Brooks

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Jake and Fiona had a fairly typical relationship up until a few months ago.  They loved each other, that’s for sure.  But they also fought a lot.  Mostly about things like money and chores and who should be responsible for what.  Jake never listened.  But during a heated moment, when Fiona screamed at him to just get out, he did.  He packed up his things and left.  And Fiona’s been regretting it ever since.

But the thing is, they’re still friends.  He’s still the one she calls when something needs fixing, so he’s around quite a bit.  Maybe more than he really needs to be, if they’re honest.  Fiona is both excited and terrified when Jake devises a barter system that could fix both her crumbling house and their ruined relationship.

I was really surprised at how sweet this romance was.  There were no tragic backstories.  There was very little angst.  It was really just a cute story about exes reconnecting and rekindling their romance.

It’s very short (only 72 pages) and I read it in about an hour.  I’d highly recommend it to anybody looking for a quick HEA.

Final rating: ★★★★☆

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