Book review: Frenched by Melanie Harlow

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Mia is heartbroken when her fiance Tucker leaves her just one week before their wedding. After days of brooding in bed and crying over what might have been, her friends finally convince her to go on the honeymoon by herself. So Mia packs her bags and heads to the most romantic city in the world – Paris – alone.

Mia’s all set to have the worst time of her life. She doesn’t even try to enjoy it. But then she meets Lucas, a professor who splits his time between Paris and New York, who offers to be her tour guide for the day. This wasn’t in Mia’s plans. But neither was being sad, single, and alone in Paris. So she agrees.

Lucas is nothing like she expected. He doesn’t fit into her description of an ideal man. But as he shows her around, telling her stories about landmarks and historic locations, she feels herself falling for him. It doesn’t hurt that Lucas is 100% focused on her. Not on his job, not on other things he should be doing, and certainly not on himself. He’s the polar opposite of her ex-fiance, and Mia soon realizes that she has real feelings for this man.

Frenched is a cute romance filled with lists, jokes, and more steamy scenes than I knew what to do with. This is a light, fluffy book that isn’t going to make you cry, isn’t going to make you tear your hair out, and isn’t going to make you want to throw it across the room. It’s just a great escape from real life.

Melanie Harlow is definitely an author to watch.

Final rating: ★★★★☆