Happy 2017, Everybody!

It’s a new year, which means new challenges to complete.  For the last two years, I’ve participated in Popsugar’s Ultimate Reading Challenge.  Their 2017 challenge didn’t interest me whatsoever, so I’ve decided to go in a different direction and participate in the Modern Mrs. Darcy 2017 challenge.  They’re actually doing two separate twelve-book challenges, but I’ve decided to combine them into one bigger twenty-four point (really twenty-six book) challenge:

2017 Modern Mrs. Darcy Reading Challenge

  1. a book you chose for the cover
  2. a book with a reputation for being un-put-down-able
  3. a book set somewhere you’ve never been but would like to visit
  4. a book you’ve already read
  5. a juicy memoir
  6. a book about books or reading
  7. a book in a genre you usually avoid
  8. a book you don’t want to admit you’re dying to read
  9. a book in the backlist of a new favorite author
  10. a book recommended by someone with great taste
  11. a book you were excited to buy or borrow but haven’t read yet
  12. a book about a topic or subject you already love
  13. a newberry award winner or honor book
  14. a book in translation
  15. a book that’s more than 600 pages
  16. a book of poetry, a play, or an essay collection
  17. a book of any genre that addresses current events
  18. an immigrant story
  19. a book published before you were born
  20. three books by the same author
  21. a book by an #ownvoices or #diversebooks author
  22. a book with an unreliable narrator or ambiguous ending
  23. a book nominated for an award in 2017
  24. a pulitzer prize or national book award winner

I’m also going to up my personal challenge a bit and push myself to read 125 books this year.  I’ve read at least 100 books for the last three years (exactly 100 in 2014, 102 in 2015, and 120 in 2016), so I have faith that I can do it.  You can track my progress on Goodreads and through the #mmdreading tag.

Are you doing any challenges this year, whether themed or just a certain number of books?  I want to hear about it!


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