Book review: Double Team by Sabrina Paige

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As the First Daughter, appearances are everything.  And for all of Grace Sullivan’s twenty-six years, she’s lived by her father’s rules:

  • Don’t do anything that would hurt his chances at being re-elected.
  • Always act like a proper lady.
  • Don’t make a scene.

Everything – from the clothes she wears, to the neighborhood she lives in, to the boys she’s seen with – has been vetted by the campaign.

Then she meets her obnoxious, frustrating, drop-dead-gorgeous neighbors, football stars Noah Ashby and Aiden Jackson.  They’re both so hot, and they both want her, but Grace can’t choose.  So she doesn’t.  She chooses to have the best of both worlds.

Alright, so I seem to be in the very small minority of people who did not love this book.  I didn’t hate it, it just didn’t really do anything for me.  The plot is pretty thin (most events only serve to set up the next sex scene), and what’s there is pretty repetitive.  More than anything, I was just bored as I read this book.  Erotica should never leave you feeling bored – if it does, then it’s not doing its job very well!

Generally, when I see a low rating for erotica among a sea of five-stars, I think that the reader was probably opposed to that type of book, so I feel like I should probably note that I have no objection to the content. This isn’t my first menage, and I doubt it will be my last.  I’ll even admit that some of the scenes were really hot – primarily at the beginning – before the so-called plot devolved into “reasons for hot football players to spit-roast (author’s words, not mine) the President’s daughter.”

Grace’s “tough decision” didn’t really seem plausible, because for me, Aiden was the clear winner.  Although he was a bit of a goofball, he was the most transparent with his feelings, he could make her laugh, and he seemed to have a really good heart.  Noah had that surly guy thing going on that’s so popular in the genre.  I’ve never really seen the point in it.  I could find any number of surly men on the street; it doesn’t mean that I want to date them.

I also felt like the characters were pretty disappointing.  Grace starts off as a confident, self-assured businesswoman running her own foundation.  By the end of the book, she’s content to spend her entire life having sex with her neighbors, regardless of the consequences.  Now, I’m not going to fault a woman for having a satisfying sex life, but there comes a time when you have to consider whether your choices are worth it.  No spoilers, but was having two hot boyfriends really worth everything that Grace loses over the course of this book?

I think this one just missed the mark for me, but my copy came with a bonus edition of Paige’s Prince Albert, so eventually I’ll give her another shot.

Final rating: ★★☆☆☆

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