Book review: Big D by Stephanie Brother

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Hardworking, studious, mysterious Hannah is not your average college student.  She doesn’t drink.  She doesn’t party.  She doesn’t date around.  She’s serious about her studies, and really wants nothing more than to graduate with a good degree to better her life.

So, really, she wants nothing to do with a football player nicknamed “Big D.”  But Hannah needs money for school.  She needs money so badly that she works as a stripper.  And when her professor offers her the chance to tutor Big D in exchange for next year’s tuition, she has to say yes.

Dominic isn’t what Hannah expects.  He’s not a dumb jock.  In fact, the only reason he doesn’t do well in school is his dyslexia.  And he’s really thoughtful.  He actually cares about Hannah, which shocks her.  And when a man from Hannah’s other job starts getting a little too close for comfort, she’s glad to have Dominic around to defend her.

So… I got this book for free on Amazon.  Did you know that, even if you don’t pay for Kindle Unlimited, Amazon members get one free KU book each month?  This was my choice in October.  And I’m kind of glad that I didn’t pay for it because I was seriously disappointed.

The plot is honestly infuriating.  Hannah makes stupid decisions, says she’s going to stop making stupid decisions, and then makes more stupid decisions.  We’re supposed to assume that Dominic has a girlfriend since he has to take these mystery calls every night, but it’s so obvious that he doesn’t.  Hannah’s “secret” is painfully obvious from the beginning.

Also, how weird is it for someone to have a nickname based on their penis size?  I mean, really!  Imagine walking around campus with your parents and someone shouts out “Hey, Big D!” and your mom’s like, “Honey, why do they call you Big D?” and you have to say, “Because my dick’s really big, mom, and somehow everyone knows it.”

This one just didn’t do it for me.

Final rating: ★★☆☆☆