Book review: Long by B.B. Hamel

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Studious Avery always errs on the side of caution, a side effect of growing up with super-strict, super-religious parents. But one night she decides to let loose and hook up with her college’s star football player, Gibson Evans. Avery has no illusions about this encounter. She knows she’ll never see Gibson again. But just this once, she’s decided to have some fun.

Then she finds out that she’s pregnant, and her entire life changes.

This is far from my first book by BB Hamel, but it is my first of her “secret baby” romances. Prior to 2016, I didn’t even know that “secret baby” was a romance genre, but I guess it’s a thing, and now I’ve read one.

Honestly, the baby really isn’t even that secret. Avery (rightfully) tells Gibson right away. Some of their friends also know. I mean, it’s pretty realistic for a pregnancy that comes from a random hookup. It’s not like normal people would have t-shirts made emblazed with “PREGNANT WITH THE QUARTERBACK’S BABY.” But anyway.

Gibson transforms from a jerk to a really good guy pretty quickly. Coming from a family with awful, neglectful parents, he wants nothing more than to take care of Avery and their child. Avery was predictably hesitant to trust Gibson with her heart, but I was rooting for them to be happy together.

It’s not like I hated this book, so why the low rating? For one, it just seemed to drag. I have read some of Hamel’s books in one sitting, but this one took me five days! I thought some of the actions and reactions were a little over-the-top. I mean, I know that’s a thing that BB does in all of her books, but it didn’t do it for me here. And finally, I just didn’t connect with this story. I read it and it was fine, but these aren’t characters that I’m going to be thinking about again any time soon.

Note that this book is actually FOUR books. It also contains the full text of Cocked, Stiff, and Hard Bastard, as well as bonus material from Bull and Royal Rock.

Final rating: ★★☆☆☆