Book rant: All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

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Theodore Finch spends his days thinking up ways to die.  He reads about successful suicides and memorizes statistics.  He has memorized famous suicide notes.  He knows poems about suicide by heart. He is a walking fountain of knowledge when it comes to death.  Nobody knows exactly what’s going on in Finch’s head, but everybody knows he’s a freak.

Violet Markey’s older sister Eleanor recently died in a car accident, leaving Violet herself unsure why she’s still here.  As she’s contemplating her life on the school’s bell tower, Finch talks her down.  The two strike up a wary friendship, quickly followed by an intense romance. But as their feelings for each other deepen and Violet begins to come out of her self-imposed exile, Finch starts to disappear.

Please note that there are a whole lot of spoilers below.

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