Book review: Second Chance SEAL by B.B. Hamel

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Piper and Gates met at a mutual friend’s destination wedding.  What was supposed to be a one night stand might have developed into more if Gates hadn’t been deployed to Syria the next day.  Two years later, newly retired Navy SEAL Gates is back in town, and while he’s not so thrilled that Piper has a boyfriend, he won’t interfere. Until Piper calls him for help after witnessing her boyfriend’s involvement in a terrible crime.  Now, all bets are off.

Okay, so my last few books by BB Hamel have been duds.  I was starting to find her books pretty formulaic and disappointing, but I had already purchased Second Chance SEAL and decided to give it a shot. I’m so glad I did, because this kind of heart-pounding adventure is what drew me to her books in the first place.

Gates was the kind of hero that I love to read about in BB’s books.  He’s intense, he’s tough, he’s cocky, and he cares so much for Piper.  Although he’s retired from the SEALs, he instantly flips back into problem-solving protection mode as soon as Piper needs him.

And can we talk about Piper for a second?  When Piper witnesses that crime, she doesn’t hang around for an explanation. She immediately runs and calls the most intimidating man she can think of to protect her. When her ex tries to reach out and explain himself, she’s like, “NOPE!” and stays far away from him. When things get tough, she does too.  This is not a heroine who’s going to sit in the corner, whimpering and crying, while the hero takes care of business.  Thank you, BB, for writing such a smart, levelheaded heroine.

Now, this book isn’t without its faults but I still really enjoyed it and it totally redeemed BB’s books in my mind.  I’ll have to see what else of hers is hanging out on my Kindle.

Final rating: ★★★☆☆

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