Let’s talk about: Unfinished series

I follow Book Riot on Feedly, and fairly recently they had a post called “To the Series I Haven’t Finished.” This post is all about the reasons the author has for not finishing series – maybe she doesn’t want it to end, or maybe she was satisfied with the last book she read and can’t imagine how the author would continue the plot.

I thought this was a really interesting idea for a blog post since there are a ton of series that I’ve started and not finished.  Here are just a few books that come to mind when I think of unfinished series.

There are the ones that I just haven’t found time to finish:

The ones that I fell out of love with:

The ones I never really fell in love with:

And the ones I’m afraid to read because my hopes are so high:

Are there any series that you’ve stopped reading midway through?