Let’s talk about: Reading challenges

So, we’re about two-thirds of the way through the year (already!) and it’s getting to be that time when I start thinking about my reading challenges.  Last year was a busy one for me and I was not very good about my reading challenges.  I ended up panic-reading the last ten or so prompts in December, so this year, I think I overcompensated.  I’m just about done with two of my three challenges and I’m well on my way to meeting my goal of 125 total books.  Maybe I’ll focus the last part of the year on powering through my TBR.

Anyway, I love reading challenges.  I’ve participated in Goodreads’ reading challenge for the last five years.  I did Popsugar’s reading challenge twice and this year, as you’ve probably noticed, I’m doing both the Modern Mrs. Darcy challenge and That Artsy Reader Girl’s Debut Author Challenge.  Both of these have been great at gently nudging me toward books I might not have otherwise read.  Another thing that I like about reading challenges is that they keep my mind active.  Without a goal of a certain number of books or list of prompts to check off, I just wouldn’t read as much.  Instead, I might spend my nights mindlessly scrolling through Netflix and Hulu.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it doesn’t give me the same sense of accomplishment that reading does.

Although 2018 seems a long way off, it’ll be here before we know it.  Next year, I’m thinking of doing three reading challenges.  Which ones I’ll do are still up in the air, but I’ve found some great ideas floating around the book blogosphere:

📚 Diverse Books
📚 Monthly Motif
📚 Contemporary Romance
📚 Retellings
📚 Beat the Backlist
📚 Speculative Fiction
📚 A-to-Z (authors or titles)

They all sound so great!  How will I ever choose?  And then there are the challenges I already love – like Popsugar, Modern Mrs. Darcy, and the Debut Author Challenge.  If I had enough time, I’d do all of the challenges.

Do you participate in reading challenges? If so, which is your favorite? Are there any that you think I should try?