Let’s talk about: Choosing the next book

How do you go about choosing your next book?  As with most things in my life, choosing my next book is quite a production.  While sometimes (rarely) I’ll look at a book and drop everything to read it next, most often, I go through this elaborate song and dance as I overthink and weigh my options and check various reading challenges before finally making a decision.

These are a few of the things I think about when choosing my next read:

  1. Do I have any deadlines coming up?  Maybe I’ve been approved for an ARC with a release date next week.  (Yikes!)  Maybe a bunch of library holds just came in.  Maybe I planned a series of posts (like I might for Banned Book Week) and totally forgot about.  Maybe I got an email about a fun blog tour.
  2. Which prompts are left for #mmdreading?  Do any of the books I’m considering fit those prompts?  If so, I’m more likely to pick up those books.
  3. How am I doing on my yearly reading goal?  If I’m behind, I’m more likely to pick up a short book to get caught up.  If I’m ahead, I’ll pick a longer book or a book I think I’m less likely to love since I have some wiggle room.
  4. How am I doing on my #2017debauthc?  If I get behind on debuts, it’s pretty likely that I’ll put other books on hold to get caught up.
  5. Finally, which books are getting better reviews overall on Goodreads and the blogs I follow? Let’s be honest here.  Imagine I’m choosing between two books, one with a 4.8-star average and the other with a 2.75-star average, I’m probably going to read the 4.8-star book first.  Probably, but not necessarily, or else the other four points wouldn’t matter.

What helps you decide what to read next?