Book review: Dirty Sweet by Roxie Noir

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College students Zelda and Logan have been best friends since they met at freshman orientation.  At the time, Logan had a girlfriend, and their relationship settled firmly in the “just friends” category.  Fast forward to a Halloween party their sophomore year and both of them are feeling more than friendly.

I was really impressed with this novella!  At just 75 pages, I didn’t expect to form a connection to the characters or to get much backstory, but this felt almost like a complete book.  Zelda and Logan had explosive chemistry and I loved their banter.

I’ll definitely be reading more by this author.

Final rating: ★★★★☆

I received a free copy of Dirty Sweet when I signed up for the author’s mailing list. A version of the story is found in the Wicked Ways anthology, but the book is not available on its own through any traditional retailer.

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